Adegas Pazo das Tapias was founded in 2006 when the Mendez family adquired the winery and the vineyard Las Tapias. Pazo das Tapias is located in the middle of its own vineyard, probably the best vineyards of the Monterrei D.O. in seniority and formation of the strain.

 Finca As Tapias – Pazos – Verín, Ourense. Galize. Spain.

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Alma de Tinto

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Alma de Blanco

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The Winery

With a capacity of 500,000 l. and equipped with all the technological advances in the production of white and young red wines.

We produce wines with the grape varieties Godello white and Mencia red, the winerie have its own vineyard of 10 ha and with more of 60 external vintners which grape production is directly controlled by us with long-term contracts.



The Vineyard

Planted in the early 80s with innovative two different grape varieties (Godello for white and Mencia for red) and techniques. In the vineyard we can see clearly two different types of soil: a sandy hillside planted with the variety Godello where the bright reflections from ground quartz maximize the concentration of white Godello; and the sedimentary area planted with Mencia where there is a perfect phenolic maturity which indicates the great potential to develop breeds.



Denominación de Origen Monterrei

Monterrei D.O. is the youngest Galician Designation of Origin, is located in South-Eastern part of the province of Ourense with an average altitude of 600m above sea level on slate soils and with a continental climate wich is on a rift valley transition between Northwest and the Spanish peninsular plateau.

Within this D.O. is found the oldest winepress of Galicia, which demonstrates the growing vines in this valley since immemorial times. Because of all this, in the last 20 years the recovery of native varieties Godello and Mencia. Parallel to this varietal conversion, processes such as concentrations of plots and plantations explain why modern Monterrei is the appellation of Galicia began with a future more promising.

Grupo Pazo do Mar - Vinos gallegos con D. O. Awards

Awards and Mentions 2020
ALMA DE AUTOR GODELLO 201791 points in the Guía Peñín.
ALMA DE AUTOR MENCÍA 201789 points in the Guía Peñín.
Awards and Mentions 2019
ALMA DE AUTOR 2016Gold Acio from Apellation of Origin GODELLO
ALMA DE BLANCOSilver Bachuss in the XVII International Wine Contest
Premios 2018
ALMA DE BLANCO 2017 Godello D.O. Monterrei.Medalla de Oro "Best of Spain" - Wine Challenge Ireland
Mentions 2015
ALMA DE BLANCO 2013 Godello Monterrei A.O. 88 points.
ALMA DE TINTO 2013 Mencia A. O. Monterrei 89 points.
Awards 2014
Silver Medal at the International Wine & Spirit Competition in Bruxelles 2014 to ALMA DE BLANCO Godello 2013 MonterreiA. O.
Silver Medal IWSC 2014 to ALMA DE BLANCO 2013 Monterrei. A. O.
Bronze Medal DECANTER to ALMA DE BLANCO Godello 2013 A. O. Monterrei.
Awards 2013
Bronze Bacchus UEC to ALMA DE BLANCO Godello 2012 Monterrei. D.O.
Awards 2012
Bronze Bacchus UEC to ALMA DE BLANCO Godello 2012, Monterrei. D.O.
Mentions 2011
Robert Parker (The Wine Advocate) scored 91 points to ATALAYA DO MAR Godello Monterrei White A.O. 2010.
Robert Parker (The Wine Advocate) scored 88 points to ATALAYA DO MAR Mencia Monterrei Red A.O. 2010.