In 2002 Winery Pazo do Mar was born as the result of a family calling spanning more than 30 years, respecting and adoring secular Ribeiro traditions but with an innovative and modern view of the future. Always in search of the perfect balance between traditional and modern production processes that gives our wines the freshness and personality that the contemporary customer demands; we wanted to use the best winemaking technology to ensure the perfect final quality.

icon name=”map-marker” class=””] Estrada Ourense-Castrelo de Miño 32940 Feá-Toén. Ourense. Galicia. Spain.

sello-pazo OUR WINES

Our wines are within the A. O. Ribeiro. We were the 1st Bodega in the D. O. Ribeiro awarded by Bureau Veritas with a quality certification UNE in ISO 9001: 2000.


Origin of Appellation


Desde 42,00  IVA inc.
Precio por botella: 3,50 

Origin of Appellation

Pazo do Mar white

Desde 16,35  IVA inc.
Precio por botella: 5,45 

Origin of Appellation


Desde 26,85  IVA inc.
Precio por botella: 8,95 

Origin of Appellation

Pazo do Mar Red

Desde 16,35  IVA inc.
Precio por botella: 5,45 

The Winery

At our facilities, with a capacity of up to 1.25 million L. of wine, we have stainless steel tanks with temperature control, continuous bitartrate stabilization regime, a fully automated bottling system, and of course all the technical staff needed to care for and produce wines of an unbeatable quality.

We have a reserved space for visitors and friends so that wine-lovers can come to be seduced by the pleasure of discovering and enjoying the most delicious wines with us, in the ideal environment.  

The Vineyard

The vineyard consists of 20 hectares planted with Treixadura, Torrontés and Godello varieties grapes, focused on the spectacular estate of La Torre del Olivar.

Ribeiro Apellation of Origin

Ribeiro is the third oldest Apellattion of Origin of Spain after Jerez and Rioja, first documentation existed of wine exports to America in the sixteenth century.

Geographically it is located in the province of Ourense, in the western part of it in the basins of the Miño and Avia rivers; includes the cities of Ourense, Ribadavia and Carballiño. The average altitude of 150m above sea level, the weather is atlantic-continental (hot summers), and a granitic soil.

The greatest virtue of the wines of Ribeiro is its ease in the palate, they invite to be drink, traditionally the blend of different local varieties used in its composition, such as Albarino, Treixadura, mainly Torrontés and Godello.

Grupo Pazo do Mar - Vinos gallegos con D. O. Awards

Some of the recent awards granted to our wines.

Premios Año 2019
PAZO DO MAR white 2018 Silver Medal in the Brussels Worldwide Contest 2019
PAZO DO MAR Expresion white Silver Bachuss in the XVII International Wine Contest
PAZO DO MAR BLANCO 2017 Silver Medal in The Guía de Vinos, Destilados y Bodegas de Galicia 2019
PAZO DO MAR Expresion blanco 2017 Gold Medal in the Guía de Vinos, Destilados y Bodegas de Galicia 2019
Awards year 2017
PAZO DO MAR WHITE 2016. God Medal Brusells Worldwide Contest 2017
Mentions 2015
PAZO DO MAR EXPRESION Treixadura A. O. Ribeiro 88 points.
PAZO DO MAR BLANCO A.O. Ribeiro 87 points.
Awards and Mentions 2012
Bronze Medal DECANTER to PAZO DO MAR BLANCO 2011, A.O. Ribeiro